The main vision of Indian Christian Movement is to unite the different factions of Christian community to a common goal of love each other.



Our main mission is for religious freedom, national unity, unity among Christians, national developments and prompting the Indian Christians to the main stream of national developments.



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About Us

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Indian Christian Movement is a non political Charitable Organization formed for Religious Freedom, national unity, unity among Christians and for national developments. We believe the words of Swami Vivekananda in his Chickago address in 1893 where he said “We believe not only in universal tolerance but we accept all religions as true”. ICM is formed in 2000 at Cochin under the presidential ship of Prof. Sri.Mathew Pylee, he was the Mayor of Cochin and retired Principal of St.Albert’s College, Ernakulam. Adv. K.V.Sabu Varghese, a practicing lawyer and a social worker is the Secretary General of this organization. Indian Christian Movement is an open forum to joint hand with all the Christians irrespective of their factions. But who loves Christ and leads to be the vision of Swami Vivekananda. Now we have five State sectors at Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Uther Khand. Karnataka sector will commence on 12th of November, 2010 at Bangalore. We have conducting one Ashramam named Manava Ashramam at Muvattupuzha, the outskirt of Kochi and also conducting a Men’s Hostel at the heart of Kochi town. From 2000 onwards, we have been promoting several programs and missions to the upliftment of Christian community. It is the part of our decision for making a permanent record of Christian leaders. We have produced a documentary of the life history of H.B. Baselious Thomas 1st, the Catholicose of Jacobite Syrian Sabha, India. We hope that the similar venture is to be organized for other eminent Christian heads. So far, we have 1,761 active members across the country and also several similar organizations support us to the common aim of national integration.

Service Offered
  • Old Age Homes & Hostels
  • Ecumenical Forums
  • Peace Journey
  • Find out the accurate information regarding the matters connecting Christian community
  • Conducting seminars and symposiums and to suggest means and methods for the progress of Christian community and all the section of people who loves Christ.

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